Reviews From our Customers

Reviews From our Customers

This review is long overdue! I called All Clear when my bathtub backed up one Saturday morning, and they came out and cleared the line under the house. They were very thorough and showed me the live feed camera of the pipes under the house, pointing out where the blockage may be coming from and suggesting different avenues for remedying the problem. Everything was fine for a little while, but about a day and a half later the problem returned. I called All Clear and they squeezed me into their schedule and out again a few hours later. They cleared the pipes again at no charge. Very professional and reasonably priced.

- Amy P.

Erick was terrific. Very professional, quick, clean. Fixed clogged drain and came back to switch out antiquated pipes. Highly recommend him!

- Nonie B.

Nice young guy that gives great service, got recommended by a friend of mine. Called him over to unclog a drain and he mentions he's an all around handy man. He assured me there's no project he can't handle so I gave him a gate that I wanted to make bigger and told him I wanted to extend the walls up about 2 feet. He advised me on options and told me the best bang would be to go with wood for the extension. He's an honest and hard working handy man. Could not be happier on how it came out. Oh! And 24 hour service!!

- Eduardo O.

Very professional team. Fast service. Didn't nickel and dime me for the 20 feet of sewer line that they replaced. I highly recommend these guys. They came out and snaked my line and also reviewed the year old video I had saved from previous work on my sewer line with another company. They found the problem (tons of roots in my line) and replaced the line using a newer kind of pipe that they were able to install without digging up my entire front yard. Also they were done in just a few hours. Great service. I hope I never need to do any more sewer line repair on my house but if I do I'll give them my business again.

- Bryan B.